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  • $11.00$32.00

    #1 Polish

    Brilliant Finish- Clear Coat safe

    One Step cleaner, polish, & wax

    Removes fine scratches, buffer marks, & light oxidation

    Contains Carnauba wax and Amino functional silicones

    Hand or Machine Use

    VOC Compliant

  • $5.00

    3-Way Blade Scraper

    • 3 different handle positions
    • Hand folds for convenience and safety
  • $104.99$119.99

    3″ Random Orbital

    • Smaller tool body enhances maneuverability in tight areas
    • Stout 240-watt motor generates 3,500 to 10,000 Orbits Per Minute (OPM)
    • 5mm orbit produces outstanding buffing action
    • Steel bevel gear drive provides a smooth powerband, added durability
    • A 3″ hook-and-loop backing plate accepts any of our 3″ or 4″ pads
    • Available 2″ conversion kit allows the use of our 2″ pad family
  • $10.50

    50-50 Wax Applicator Pads

    Poly sponge, encased in terry material, for applying wax and polish to cars, furniture, and woodwork. Sold in packages of 12.

  • $27.99

    Activate Instant Wet Finish Shine and Spray Sealant

    • Advanced spray sealant synthetic wax formula
    • Reactive Fusion Technology for fast application and bonding times
    • Blended with gloss enhancers and premium carnauba wax
    • Maximum shine with minimal effort
    • Durable weatherproof protection lasts for months on end
    • Repels water, pollution, contamination, and more
    • Works on all colors
  • $16.99

    After Wash

    • Innovative drying aid
    • Quick and easy drying
    • Hydrophobic drying technology
    • Adds lubrication to reduce scratches and swirls
    • Adds shine and gloss
    • Adds extra protection
    • Use after washing your car
    • Streak-free formula
  • $20.00$22.00

    Air Freshener/Odor Eliminator Spray

    • Controls Smoke, Cigarette, Mildew, Pet & Food Odors
    • Ready to Use
    • Long Lasting Oil Base Fragrance
    • Can be mixed into waterbase cleaners
    • Alcohol free
    • Lasts 3-4 days in vehicle
    • Household, Automotive and Janitorial use
    • VOC Compliant
  • $6.99$29.99

    All Clean+ Citrus Cleaner

    • All-natural citrus-based cleaning formula
    • Works on both interior and exterior car parts
    • Breaks down dirt and grime on contact
    • Superior foaming action lifts dirt and grime from the vehicle
    • Fresh citrus scent without any noxious chemical fumes
    • Can be diluted for various lighter-duty cleaning needs
    • Available in 16oz or Gallon
  • $10.00

    All Metal

    Clean, polish and protect all non-coated metals like chrome, stainless steel, magnesium and nickel. Also great for softer metals like aluminum, brass, copper, silver, gold jewelry and more. Solvent base liquid goes on easy and wipes off effortlessly. Removes corrosion, oxidation, stains, rust, tarnish, water spots, tar, grease, bugs and dirt, while restoring the metal’s […]

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  • $31.99

    Interior Cleaner

    • Safely cleans all interior fabrics and hard surfaces
    • Leaves behind no residue that would attract more dirt
    • Contains no dyes or additives that could discolor your interior
    • Also works great around the house
  • $11.99

    Microfiber Wash

    • Cleans all microfiber towels and accessories
    • Removes dirt, grease, and stains
    • Dissolves wax, polish, and other detailing chemicals
    • Clean Rinse Technology for ultra-soft residue-free fabric
    • Restore softness to microfiber
    • Highly concentrated
    • Formulated to be safe for use with standard & high efficiency machines

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