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  • $11.00$32.00

    #1 Polish

    Brilliant Finish- Clear Coat safe

    One Step cleaner, polish, & wax

    Removes fine scratches, buffer marks, & light oxidation

    Contains Carnauba wax and Amino functional silicones

    Hand or Machine Use

    VOC Compliant

  • $20.00$22.00

    Air Freshener/Odor Eliminator Spray

    • Controls Smoke, Cigarette, Mildew, Pet & Food Odors
    • Ready to Use
    • Long Lasting Oil Base Fragrance
    • Can be mixed into waterbase cleaners
    • Alcohol free
    • Lasts 3-4 days in vehicle
    • Household, Automotive and Janitorial use
    • VOC Compliant
  • $10.00

    All Metal

    Clean, polish and protect all non-coated metals like chrome, stainless steel, magnesium and nickel. Also great for softer metals like aluminum, brass, copper, silver, gold jewelry and more. Solvent base liquid goes on easy and wipes off effortlessly. Removes corrosion, oxidation, stains, rust, tarnish, water spots, tar, grease, bugs and dirt, while restoring the metal’s […]

  • $63.00

    All Purpose Cleaner

    All purpose, 3 in 1 product-degreaser, whitewall and interior cleaner. Formulated with natural citrus peel extracts for versatile extra duty cleaning. Superior formula cleans interiors and exteriors fast, easy and economically. Ready to use or dilute up to 5:1. Available in gallon, 5 & 55 gallon sizes. VOC COMPLIANT

  • $16.00

    Allura™ Body Gloss

    • For best results, apply to pre-cleaned surface

    • High Speed Buffer: To re-wet compounds or polishes when buffing, spray product directly onto surface and continue buffing

    • Clay Bar Lubricant: Mist clay bar and surface to be treated with Body Gloss. Rub clay bar across the lubricated surface in a back and forth motion to remove contaminants

  • $20.00


    • For best results, pre-clean finish using Allura™ P8-Q Finish Glaze to remove minor contaminants and condition paint
    • Use a high speed buffer with a WV-85-C PRO® Eliminator™ White Foam Final Finish Pad
  • $18.00


    • Use a high speed buffer with a BV-85-C PRO® Eliminator™ Blue Foam Polish Pad
    • Follow with P-9-Q Allura™ Final Finish Wax for long term protection
  • $18.00

    Allura™ Medium Cut Compound

    • Use a high speed buffer with a VA-80-C PRO® 50/ 50 Wool/Acrylic Medium Cut Compound Pad or GV-85-C PRO® Eliminator™ Green Foam Medium Cut Compound Pad
    • Follow with P-8-Q Allura™ Finish Glaze or P-9-Q Allura™ Final Finish Wax to seal in depth and clarity with long term protection
  • $18.00

    Allura™ Super Cut Compound

    • Very Aggressive Machine Compound • Removes Heavy Oxidation, Orange Peel & 1000-1200 Wet Sand Scratches

    • Product Works Wet with Minimal Dust

    • Produces Minimal Swirl Marks

    • Contains No Silicone or Wax

    • Body Shop Safe

    • VOC Compliant