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  • $16.99

    BioTech Brazilian Carnauba Wax

    • Delivers brilliant deep shine to all colors.
    • Dries fast for the quick and easy detail.
    • Liquefied paste wax designed for new car prep or final finishing.
    • Suitable for application in sun or shade, hot or cool temperatures.
    • Produces high gloss and long lasting water bead effect on clear coats and single stage paints.
    • Produces no dust on removal.
    • Easy application, easy removal.
  • $16.99

    BioTech Carnauba Wax & Polish

    • Effortless application; no hazing
    • Can be applied in direct sun light
    • Brilliant, long-lasing shine
    • No white residue on plastic
    • Safe to apply on all finishes
  • $16.99

    BioTech Glaze

    • Delivers brilliant deep shine to all colors
    • Dries fast for quick and easy detail
    • Restores a dazzling deep, wet shine
    • Does not dry white
    • Safe and effective on all paint finishes
    • Easy application, easy removal
  • $94.99

    BioTech GOLD Ceramic Coating

    • Incredible gloss & Protection
    • Surface Slickness
    • Best possible swirl mark and chemical resistance from a pro consumer grade product
    • 5 years durability with proper care
  • Heavy Duty Marine Degreaser

    • Eliminates greases, resins, oils, carbons, and waxes.
    • Strong enough for industrial use
    • Safe for light-duty use and typical maintances
    • Available in pints, gallon, and 5 gallon