3″ Random Orbital


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  • Smaller tool body enhances maneuverability in tight areas
  • Stout 240-watt motor generates 3,500 to 10,000 Orbits Per Minute (OPM)
  • 5mm orbit produces outstanding buffing action
  • Steel bevel gear drive provides a smooth powerband, added durability
  • A 3″ hook-and-loop backing plate accepts any of our 3″ or 4″ pads
  • Available 2″ conversion kit allows the use of our 2″ pad family
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Our 3″ Random Orbital tackles any tight space to quickly, safely, and easily scrub, polish, wax, or seal any surface. A compact version of the 6″ Random Orbital that any detailing enthusiast will appreciate. Its powerful 240-watt motor runs on a variable speed control with a range of 3,500 -10,000 orbits per minute and six speed settings. A steel bevel gear drive delivers a smooth-running powerband and a long service life. A great solution for working in tight quarters! The 3″ Random Orbital is perfect for polishing paint, metal, plastic, and glass as well as applying waxes or sealants. Its 3″ hook-and-loop backing plate will accept any of our 3″ or 4″ pads. Alternatively, you can convert to a 2″ backing plate and use our line of 2″ pads. The unit’s comfortable ergonomic design features a handgrip and finger indents for comfort and control.

The random orbit or dual action of the machine refers to how the pad spins as the backing plate simultaneously rotates in an elliptical orbit. These two actions save you tons of elbow grease and are the cornerstone of the tool’s ability to safely perfect your paint. Use lower speeds to introduce the product to the paint and higher speeds to work it into the surface. Achieve the desired correcting (polishing) or perfecting (waxing) effect, all without any hint of intimidation. Choose from a 10′ (18 AWG) power cord or Extra-Long 25′ (16 AWG) power cord.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 2 in
  • 240-watt, 2-amp motor
  • 5mm throw orbit
  • Max 10000 orbits per minute
  • 10-foot 18 AWG, or 25-foot 16 AWG power cord
  • Domed, rubberized palm grip
  • 6 speed settings via dial, 1/2-speed increments


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