Activate Instant Wet Finish Shine and Spray Sealant


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  • Advanced spray sealant synthetic wax formula
  • Reactive Fusion Technology for fast application and bonding times
  • Blended with gloss enhancers and premium carnauba wax
  • Maximum shine with minimal effort
  • Durable weatherproof protection lasts for months on end
  • Repels water, pollution, contamination, and more
  • Works on all colors


Activate Shine & Seal creates a slick surface that dirt, pollution, and water simply slide from. The slick formula sprays and cures quickly to bond to any paint color. Protect exterior paintwork, glass, clear optical plastics like headlights and tail lights, wheels, polished metals like chrome and stainless steel, and much more. Reactive Fusion Technology combines extreme gloss enhancers with premium white carnauba wax and synthetic sealants to create a superior shine. Protect any vehicle with Activate Shine and Seal: the next generation of spray sealant technology. Simply shake the three-part emulsion to activate the spray sealant with wax and gloss enhancers, then mist over any exterior car part that would need a coat of wax. Allow Activate Shine & Seal to dry and cure for 15 minutes, then buff off any residue with a premium microfiber towel. Protect and shine exterior paintwork, glass, clear optical plastics on headlights and tail lights, wheels, polished metals, and any other part that is painted, shiny, or clear.

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Weight 1.5 lbs

How To Use:

  1. Wash surface before application
    • Apply after a full paint correction or after a clay bar decontamination service for the best bonding and longest-term protection results
  2. Shake well to mix and activate the solution
  3. Spray Activate Shine & Seal on a premium applicator pad or directly onto paintwork
  4. Spread a thin layer over surface with a premium applicator pad
    • Protect glossy paint finishes, clear optical plastics, glass, and polished metals with Activate Shine & Seal
  5. Allow Activate to dry for 15 minutes
  6. Buff off using a microfiber towel for perfect results
Part Number WAC20816
UPC 811339026605
Size 16 ounces
Top Sprayer
Scent Berry Fusion
Form Liquid
UV Block Yes
Carnauba Yes
Sealant Yes
Hand application Yes
Machine application Yes
Safe for clear coat Yes
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes


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