Air Freshener/Odor Eliminator Spray


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  • Controls Smoke, Cigarette, Mildew, Pet & Food Odors
  • Ready to Use
  • Long Lasting Oil Base Fragrance
  • Can be mixed into waterbase cleaners
  • Alcohol free
  • Lasts 3-4 days in vehicle
  • Household, Automotive and Janitorial use
  • VOC Compliant


PRO® Air fresheners are powerful, long lasting, ready to use scents that counteract malodors and freshen automobile interiors. All of the air fresheners are professional blend of perfumes and deodorizers. They contain no harmful solvents adn are safe for use in any environment. Can be mixed with PRO® water base cleaners for a more pleasant user experience. A unique blend of aromatic essences and oils that leave a long lasting fragrance. Helps control mustiness, mildew, smoke, cigarette, food, pet and other unwanted odors. Great for auto and home.Safe on all interiors. Available in gallon size. VOC COMPLIANT. Meets CARB/OTC Regulations.

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Weight 10 lbs

How to Use

No mixing or diluting required. Pour into a properly labeled empty spray bottle. Spray 2-3 times on each rear mat, carpeted foot wells or under seats. For janitorial/household use, spray into area where odor is present or onto carpet areas, rugs, or floor mats. Can also be sprayed into air filters.


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