BioTech GOLD Ceramic Coating


  • Incredible gloss & Protection
  • Surface Slickness
  • Best possible swirl mark and chemical resistance from a pro consumer grade product
  • 5 years durability with proper care
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BioTech Ceramic Coating Gold forms an ultra- durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic. Once applied, gloss levels will remain in the upper 90th percentile for significantly longer when compared to traditional paint protection products, and cleaning your car will be a lot easier. The high density ceramic layer is resistant to chemicals ranging from pH2 – pH12. This characteristic also makes bonded contaminants such as tree sap, tar, and hard water spots, easy to remove. Unlike mainstream wax and organic polymer coatings, BioTech Coating Platinum and Gold can resist much higher and lower temperatures. They resist temperatures as low as -40 F to as high as +482 F.

Directions of Use:
Remove any contaminants, and, or polish residues to ensure a strong bond. For this we recommend using BioTech Insta Glow Detailer Spray and a BioTech Plush Microfiber Cloth.
• Make sure the surface you are working on is cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. Preferable enclosed area.
When applying the product always wear gloves to prevent the product coming into contact with your skin.
Spread the coating over an area no larger than 12 inch by 12 inch in a circular motion. We recommend joining edges of coated areas ‘wet to wet’. For example if you are doing the roof, do the first side, and the other side immediately afterwards.
• The coating forms an almost immediate reaction with the surface of the vehicle so you should immediately remove residue with a BioTech Plush Microfiber Cloth.
• You may need to buff the same area several times to fully remove residues for which we recommend using two BioTech Plush Microfiber Cloth at one time.
We recommend the vehicle stays dry for at least 12-48 hours post application.
• An unopened bottle of BioTech 9h Coating has a 12 month shelf life from the time of purchase. As soon as a bottle is open it needs to be used within 1 week – the pipette must be removed, cleaned and the cap replaced.
Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 4 in


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