Convertible Top Protectant


  • Protects fabric convertible tops and tonneau covers
  • Repels liquids, dirt, stains, and UV solar rays
  • Works on vinyl, fabric, canvas, textile, and synthetic soft tops
  • Works on all color tops
  • Micro-bond formula
  • Sprayable formulas
  • Begin by cleaning convertible tops with Convertible Top Cleaner for maximum effect

Chemical Guys Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent is the ultimate solution to protect any convertible fabric soft top. The revolutionary protectant creates a shield that repels liquids, dirt, stains, and UV solar rays. Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent micro-bonds to the fabric fibers for durable protection. The non-toxic formula is safe for any fabric convertible soft top and tonneau cover, and works great on all color tops. Innovative UV blockers protect against fading and discoloration of your convertible soft top. Advanced stain repellent technology keeps any fabric soft top in like-new condition. The sprayable formula uses hydrophobic technology to repel water and other liquids, protecting the original condition of any fabric convertible top. Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent works on any fabric soft top and tonneau cover for ultimate versatility. Protective coating protects against tree sap, road tar, water spots, and other environmental elements. Hydrophobic technology increases the surface tension of the fabric top allowing water to simply slide off before it can stain.

To use, first clean the fabric soft top using Chemical Guys Convertible Top Cleaner to remove dirt and stains. Once the fabric soft top is clean, spray a thin, even coat of Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent across the surface. Allow 20 minutes for drying time. Once dry, apply a second coat for improved protection. Treat soft tops with Protectant and Repellent once a year or as needed for desired water beading and sun blocking effects.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 in


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