• Protects against UV Rays
  • Provides-static free protection
  • Removes Yellow Film, Cloudy Streaks, Hairline Scratches, Haze & Halos From Clear, Smooth Plastics
  • Excellent on Headlight Covers

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Fantastic™ Plastic Polish is an all purpose liquid plastic polish that was formulated to clean, shine and protect both colored and clear plastics. Restores, revitalizes & protects while removing yellow film, cloudy streaks, hairline scratches, haze & halos from clear, smooth plastics. Fantastic™ Plastic Polish cleans the surface freeing it from smudges, dust and fingerprints.The tough cleaning formula combines with a gentle polishing process leaving the surface sparkling clean, clear, and bright. Highly versatile whether it`s turn signal lenses, center caps, brake lights convertible windows or the gauge instrument cover. Protects new and old plastic surfaces against further deterioration from harsh elements such as sun, smog, rain, snow, road debris, grime, salt, chemicals and airborne contaminants. Fortified with durable and effective polymers. Fantastic™ Plastic Polish acts like a barrier, protecting automotive plastics from the deterioration of daily driving. Excellent on headlight covers, taillight lenses, bug deflectors, instrument covers, convertible top windows & motorcycle windscreens. Provides a static-free coating that repels water and dust on both acrylic (Plexiglass®,Lucite®, Acrylite®) and polycarbonate ( Lexan®, Makrolon®) surfaces. Also, great on non-plastic surfaces such as Corian®, painted enamel, Formica®, linoleum, marble and porcelain

Protects against UV rays. For hand or machine use. Available in pint size. Meets VOC Regulations.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 in


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