Iron-X Snow Soap


  • Iron-Removing Multi-Use Cleaner
  • Pleasant Minty Scent
  • Safe on all CQuartz coatings
  • pH Neutral
  • Use on paint, glass, wheels, headlights, plastic trim, & clear bras
  • Excellent on wheels (Apply gel directly to wheel and agitate the surface)

Imagine the time that could be saved by combining the iron-fallout removing power of Iron-X, with the cleaning and lubricating capabilities of an environmentally friendly surfactant. This idea formed the creation of Iron-X Snow Soap, one of the most versatile, and effective maintenance products on the market. By changing the dilution ratio, Iron-X Snow Soap can be used as an iron-removing Snow Foam with a foam lance, with a mitten or sponge as a Shampoo, a Lubricant for clay and polymer decon products, or even a maintenance Wheel Cleaner. CarPro Iron X Snow Soap is as an excellent solution as a strong prep wash to assist in the removal of old wax, traffic film, grime, dirt, and brake dust/iron contaminants whilst providing an excellent lubricated surface during the wash cycle. Follow this prep step up with Iron X to remove anything more than faint brake dust deposits.

Sizes: 500mL, 1000ml/1L and 4000ml/4L

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

500ml (16.9oz) / $19.99, 1000ml (33.8oz) / $27.99, Gallon / $89.99


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